Back Pain SolutionsBack Pain Solutions

Having back pain can be frightening because it interferes with every aspect of life. Each year, approximately 60 million adults experience lower back pain stemming from the SI joint, which is located below the lumbar spine. Because pain in this area can radiate to other parts of the body, is a top priority. Some adults find relief from back pain with these three back pain solutions.

  • Exercise. If your doctor approves, exercise can be a free, convenient solution to lower back pain. Individuals suffering from lower back pain have benefitted from low-impact exercise.
  • Physical therapy. If simple exercise does not alleviate back pain, physical therapy is an option. With the help of a specialist, physical therapy fortifies the muscles near the SI joint, which reduces pain over time.
  • Orthotic. After applying an orthotic brace during times of irritation or inflammation, some individuals experience a reduction in pain severity. Because the brace restricts motion, it helps immobilize that area of the body.

If these back pain solutions aren’t working, it may be wise to discuss other options with a medical specialist. While non-surgical activities can alleviate back pain temporarily, a surgical procedure may provide long-term relief and assist with the restoration of normal functioning.