Back pain can have multiple causes, from age and injury to heredity and lifestyle. Given the mix of both controllable and uncontrollable causes, management of back pain symptoms can be complicated. When considering options for back pain management, three key factors come into play.

  • Severity. What is the severity of your back pain? Is it interfering with your ability to function, or is it somewhat manageable on a day-to-day basis? If the severity of pain is minimal, consult with a medical specialist about medication to manage the pain.
  • Lifestyle. Personal history and lifestyle can affect the elevation of pain levels. When thinking about back pain management, discuss your lifestyle with a physician to determine if certain changes, such as exercise, will help manage the pain.
  • Medical. Depending on the severity of back pain, traditional pain management options are rarely effective. Fortunately, there are medical procedures that assist with the management and reduction of back pain. Specifically, SI joint injections or surgery have proven beneficial.

Getting Advice: Before choosing a back pain management solution, it’s critical to receive a proper evaluation and diagnosis from an experienced medical specialist. The sooner you’re able to pinpoint the source of pain, the quicker you can begin effective back pain management.

If lying on the floor is difficult, heel raises in sets of 10 are quick and easy exercises that can be completed by standing. While standing near a wall for support if needed, place even weight on both feet and carefully raise your heels before gently lowering them.