Back Pain TreatmentWith multiple factors contributing to the development of back pain, treatment options can seem endless without a proper diagnosis. Depending on the cause of back pain, some treatment methods are more effective than others. After receiving a thorough examination and diagnosis from a professional, the quest for an effective back pain treatment solution begins.

What to Consider

The type of treatment for back pain is specific to individual medical history and current health status. If you’re experiencing significant pain that has never been treated, your situation is different from an individual with recent, mild back pain. When exploring treatment options, consider both the severity of pain and your personal history.

Treatment Options

There are four main treatment options that emerge as the most common.

• Exercise. Low-impact exercises help some individuals manage pain without the need for additional medical treatment.

• Injections. Treatment for SI joint pain sometimes includes injections, which can provide fast relief.

• Medication. Some medications can provide temporary relief for SI joint pain.

• Surgery. Minimally-invasive surgery can be an effective treatment method for back pain.

Choosing a treatment option for back pain is much easier when working with a trusted medical specialist. When meeting with your physician, ask about the risks and benefits of each option.