SI Joint InjectionThe number of Americans afflicted with SI joint pain in the lower back rises daily. As treatment options continue to develop and advance, many individuals with SI joint dysfunction seek effective methods to alleviate pain. SI joint injections have become an efficient and convenient solution for those suffering from mild to moderate pain.

Why SI Joint Pain Occurs

Over time, the SI joint can become inflamed or deteriorate from age or loss of bone density. When the SI joint is disrupted by injury, irritation or illness, severe lower back pain can occur. The SI joint is located below the lumbar region and, unlike other areas of the body, is mostly immobile. Therefore, treatment can be difficult. With SI joint injections, many patients with lower back pain experience swift relief.

How SI Joint Injections Work

SI joint injections include a mixture of a corticosteroid and an anesthetic. Much like the diagnostic injection process, SI injections for the treatment of pain are completed under fluoroscopy, which ensures precision. The injection decreases inflammation and irritation of the SI joint, which reduces the overall sensation of pain. Though some experience long-term relief from one procedure, others may need up to three injections per year.

Talk to Your Doctor

To determine if SI injections are right for you, discuss this treatment option with your doctor.